Ballpark Bars

Knock dessert out of the ballpark with these gooey chewy marshmallow bars that are packed with pretzels, peanuts and cracker jacks. They’re a home run! I’ve never been a big baseball fan, but I do enjoy going to the ballpark and snacking my way through the games. Being a mom of three boys, chances are pretty high I’m going to become a baseball mom one of these years. Yikes! Aren’t there like 100 games each season?! Whew! Well, I guess that just means I’ll be on a diet of pretzels, peanuts and cracker jacks half the year! The boys are very interested in baseball ri...

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Bacon Cheddar Monkey Bread

A scratch-made savory pull-apart bread that’s extra cheesy and loaded with bacon bliss. What is it about monkey bread that everyone’s so crazy about?! Sure, it could be the name, but when you’re baking balls of bread with tasty ingredients melted in between and all over them that you can pull apart and eat with your hands, what’s not to go a little “ooh ooh eee eee aah aah” about?! Well, I have a savory take on monkey bread for you and it’s irresistible! Melted cheddar cheese and crispy fried bacon surround balls of fluffy dough for a brunch or dinner dish that’s sure to be devoured. This monk...

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Peanut Butter Granola

Easy homemade chunky peanut butter granola that’s perfectly sweet, extra crunchy and oh so delicious! A great breakfast or snack for my fellow peanut butter lovers out there! Warning: if you love peanut butter, this granola is dangerously delicious! It’s packed the peanut butter and peanuts for a scrumptious breakfast or snack that’s irresistible. We love granola and we’re obsessed with peanut butter, so it was only a matter of time that I baked up a homemade peanut butter granola and it’s quickly become our fave. Big chunks of oat-y nut-y clusters are held togeth...

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Meet the BakerMama

bakermama-circWelcome to The BakerMama! My name is Maegan and I’m just a Mama who loves to Bake! I strive for simplicity when in the kitchen so I promise you will be able to successfully prepare any recipe I share with you. So browse, drool, and go preheat your oven!

Meet Maegan


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